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Germanic Beauty

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 by in Boy / Girl, Swallowing

This gallery starts off how so many of us have before, a little dry humping. I think it’s basically the girl trying to get the guy hard without having to suck his dick. She did do a good job at that because he just goes right to eating her out and then finger banging her. She doesn’t get away with not giving any head though he whips it out and lays back, so there was only one thing she could do really. They then get their fuck on every which way and when he is ready to cum he has to just have her sit there and give him head until he is ready, sometimes you just can’t blow a nut unless it’s by a girl giving you a blowjob, I understand. She doesn’t let an ounce out of her mouth just swallowing his load as it goes into her mouth, so hot!


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