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Mutual Pleasure

Posted on Apr 30, 2013 by in Boy / Girl

Some guys don’t care about what the girl wants, they just want to get off and only think of themselves. There’s a certain type of guy, though, who loves the feeling of mutual pleasure as the woman gets just as turned on as he does and that’s just the kind of guy in this hot Dane Jones video clip! He and his blonde lover Blue are passionately kissing in bed, feeling the fires of lust burn hotter and hotter as they lose more clothing, until at last the girl releases his thick cock from his underwear prison and takes it in her mouth! She licks him slowly up and down, getting him rock hard before mounting up and riding him as they both moan in ecstasy. It’s a hot hardcore scene with two lovers who enjoy each other to the fullest, exploring their bodies and having an amazing time on video for us to enjoy!

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  1. so nice thing .. so beauty girl and so romantic night

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